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Quad-folds are such a fun, creative way to let your loved ones know about your special occasion.  This paneled format allows you to express your wedding adventure as a narrative, which is distinctive both for our company, as well as within the world of wedding stationery. We mean it when we say, “the sky’s the limit” with this format; unlike our other templated offerings, Quad-folds will be available strictly for your fully-custom designing pleasure

  • Locally printed at a small shop in PDX
  • Up to eight panels of custom artwork (front and back) with option to add a tear-off RSVP card
  • Optional perforations are made with a vintage perforator- they are circular instead of dashed, like a vintage postage stamp.
  • Dimensions: 5.5″x4.25″ when folded, 5.5″x17″ unfolded
  • Ideal canvas for fully custom projects
    +Colored envelopes available or standard Kraft
    +Custom envelope liners available
    +Envelope printing available
Custom Envelope Printing

We offer custom envelope printing for both the main invitation envelope and rsvp envelopes

  • This includes each guest’s name and address printed as well as your return address printed on the back flap. 
  • Envelope printing keeps a cohesive aesthetic throughout your set. 
  • We recommend this service for those looking to reduce stress { & hand cramps! }.
  • If you are ordering rsvp postcards, no return envelope is required.
Custom Envelope Liners

Envelope liners create a stunning visual experience for your friends and family.

  • The liners are printed and die cut separately, and come pre-assembled by our team.  
  • We can create any style or pattern to line the inside of the envelope. A popular favorite is incorporating the watercolor scenery we create for you.
Colored Envelopes

We offer a variety of colored envelopes to choose from.

  • Colored Envelopes are available at an additional cost
  • Our basic package includes the brown paper kraft envelopes
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