Garden Party
There’s just something so nice about this design. It’s simple and tasteful, yet has a special character all its own. The beautiful hand-painted watercolor foliage ties all the pieces of this set together… maybe that’s why it’s one of our favorites!
Standard Items Shown Here:
  • 4 x 6 Save the Dates
  • 5 X 7 Invitation
  • 3.5 X 5 Rsvp Cards + Envelope
  • Details Card { Sizing varies }

Watercolor Invitations Sets start at $500

Additional Customizations Pictured
Custom Envelope Printing

We offer custom envelope printing for both the main invitation envelope and rsvp envelopes

  • This includes each guest’s name and address printed as well as your return address printed on the back flap.  
  • Envelope printing keeps a cohesive aesthetic throughout your set. 
  • We recommend this service for those looking to reduce stress { & hand cramps! }.
  • If you are ordering rsvp postcards, no return envelope is required.
Custom Envelope Liners

Envelope liners create a stunning visual experience for your friends and family.

  • The liners are printed and die cut separately, and come pre-assembled by our team.  
  • We can create any style or pattern to line the inside of the envelope. A popular favorite is incorporating the watercolor scenery we create for you.
Custom Watercolor Scenery

Watercolor sceneries are our trademark; we pride ourselves in evoking emotion through visual storytelling. Creating a custom watercolor scenery is a collaborative process –our skilled artists will work closely with you to capture your vision in an authentic way.  Provide us with images, and we will start dreaming together!

  • This can include a painted scenery of your venue, location, where you first met or anything symbolic or meaningful to you as a couple.
  • The scenery we create for you can be used on all of your wedding related items.  
  • We offer the original 8 X 10 watercolor which makes a great keepsake to remember your iconic day! 
Custom Wedding Logos

We love crafting an identity unique to each couple and their wedding style.

  • We can create a one of a kind wedding logo using text, illustrations and graphics.  Get creative with it!
  • We are happy to provide you with the logo file for use throughout your wedding.  Some of our favorite examples are custom watercolor bottles, corn hole board and woodland name tags. 
Custom Wood Engraved Stamps

We offer a variety of sizes for our custom wood stamps. We can design a completely customized stamp for you or design a stamp according to your vision.  You choose + We Create!

Colored Envelopes

We offer a variety of colored envelopes to choose from.

  • Colored Envelopes are available at an additional cost
  • Our basic package includes the brown paper kraft envelopes


Information Cards

To keep the main invitation clean and simple, information cards are a blank slate for all the extra details.

  • These can include anything from your wedding website, accommodations, directions or suggested packing lists for the big day
  • Sizing and pricing vary according to your needs
Wood Engraved Tags

Cherry on top? These are a great way to hold all of your paper items neatly into the envelope. Wood engraved tags are the perfect enclosure for sets with a rustic appeal.

  • These personalized tags are engraved into your choice of birch, cherry or oak wood
  • This unique add-on also makes a great keepsake of your special day!
  • Assembly Required 
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