Jackson’s Birthday

Can trendy be timeless? We think this set proves it! We love the simple, stylish layout of this pinstriped letterpress set. Here at Wide Eyes Paper Co, we specialize in wedding stationery; however, weddings aren’t the only occasions that deserve a little fanfare. We can create stationery of any stripe that suits your fancy! These nifty cards herald a very special little fellow’s first birthday. Commemorate your fondest memories by sharing them with friends and family via some good old fashioned snail mail!

Additional Customizations Pictured
Custom Envelope Printing

We offer custom envelope printing for both the main invitation envelope and rsvp envelopes

  • This includes each guest’s name and address printed as well as your return address printed on the back flap.  
  • Envelope printing keeps a cohesive aesthetic throughout your set. 
  • We recommend this service for those looking to reduce stress { & hand cramps! }.
  • If you are ordering rsvp postcards, no return envelope is required.
Custom Envelope Liners

Envelope liners create a stunning visual experience for your friends and family.

  • The liners are printed and die cut separately, and come pre-assembled by our team.  
  • We can create any style or pattern to line the inside of the envelope. A popular favorite is incorporating the watercolor scenery we create for you.
Colored Envelopes

We offer a variety of colored envelopes to choose from.

  • Colored Envelopes are available at an additional cost
  • Our basic package includes the brown paper kraft envelopes
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