Stationery Styling
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Setting the stage for stationery is a really important part of the creative process.  Each collection we design is carefully crafted from start to finish.  One of the most important parts of capturing the vision for each set is the styling and thought that goes into photographing each collection.  Some sets need more attention and styling to capture the overall look and feel of the design while others only need some minimal styling.   Here are three important rules when styling your stationery.

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    Portland is known for its lush terrain, especially in the fall when the leaves are changing colors and the greenery is at its prime.  When preparing for our most recent photoshoot, we went out to one of the local parks to pick up some greenery to help in styling some of the new stationery sets.  All you need is a good pair of scissors! greenerypicking

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    When developing a brand one of the most important parts is consistency.  This does not mean there is not room for innovation within styling or photography, but we have made it a focus to photograph all of our stationery using the same angles and background.  This is important to keep your brand cohesive and recognizable. We typically use a wood background which fits the aesthetic of our brand.  During the process of shooting the stationery, we typically have a table full of little props, decorative stamps and tons of greenery. Once we lay out each set we pick from the table according to the aesthetic of the design.  Less is more is always a good rule of thumb to live by!  Sometimes we like to have a little fun with it using fresh produce if it seems fitting to the design. veggies

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    Get Creative!

    Although we believe it is very important to stay consistent with the styling of our photography, we also think it’s important to have a little fun and think outside the box.  We like to mix things up by adding in some personalization with the photography.  Getting outside and snapping a shot of one of our team members holding a new design is a great way to add to that hand crafted touch.ptown